The projects of our boats are made by Ing. Alessandro Chessa, an esteemed and well-known professional in the nautical world as a great hull designer, above all rubber dinghies. We asked him for his technical support to be sure about the quality of our boats. Beyond technical knowledge, Alessandro is “A MAN OF SEA”. He navigate all year round, calm and rough seas makes no difference, so a designer not only from the Degree and Software, but from the all-round Navigator.

With the Miura 40 we started from the interiors very spacious and He sewed around the hull, and it is very performing considering a rubber boat of 12.50 meters and weighing 7 tons, fully loaded, with only 500 hp can reach the speed of 37 knots.

But the impressive thing is that the Miura 40 navigates at 33 knots with 13 passengers. For the Miura 30 Alessandro Chessa designed a hull to be used both for the Open model and the Cabin model. Very soft hull on the rough, perhaps a little more than the Miura 40, also very soft on the wave, and very streamlined. The characteristic of “OUR” Engineer is … REACH THE BEST QUALITY.