Our rubber boats and boats are built entirely in OKOUME marine plywood. Mulched layers assembled with water-resistant phenolic glues and certified R.I.N.A. After having built both the hull and the wooden bridge, all the corners are plastered with EPOXY filler and is layered with high quality EPOXY biaxial fabric and EPOXY resin both internally and externally. This process completely isolates wood in order to make it waterproof. EPOXY products are used to ensure impermeability over time in order to avoid the osmosis process (resin moisture bubbles) characteristic of polyester resins in general.

The whole is then painted with polyurethane paint to guarantee an additional level of protection. The final paintings are made with very high quality funds, paints and marine transparencies. So we do not use the GELCOAT normally used to spray the molds, in order to obtain the finished and already polished product, but we do everything by hand: initial plastering, layering and resining, sanding, stuccoing and varnishing. Our boats, equal to the products of the competition, have a greater thickness (even more than double).