Miura 30

Inflatable Boat Miura 30

The inflatable boat Miura 30

Miura 30 is an unregistered vessel of 10.30 meters f.t. from the performance of all respect.

Made of marine plywood resinated with epoxy resin, the Miura 30 inflatable boat, like its predecessor, is totally customizable because it is completely handmade.

Interior and exterior

The open version includes: large bow sundeck under which there are two comfortable beds. The large stern sundeck conceals a spacious locker. The cooking with the sink is placed under the driving seat with a 65 liter fridge. A tilting opening placed in opposition to the driving console, allows access to a bathroom equipped with an electric toilet and a tank for collecting black water.

Speed and consumption

Cruising speed 27 Kn / Consumption 60 liters / hour total = 2.5 liters per Mn.

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