About us

About us

Our history is made of passion for the sea and beauty. The result of years of study, testing and experimentation, our products now place themselves at the top of the global production of the sector, an unexplained sector that sees Italy in first place in terms of aesthetics and reliability.

Our inflatable boats

MIURA 40 - 12,50 metri
Miura 40 is an unregistered vessel of 12.50 meters f.t. from the performance of all respect.
MIURA 30 - 9,99 metri
Miura 30 is an unregistered vessel of 10.30 meters f.t. from the performance of all respect.

At the beginning two friends: Maurizio Lombardi and Ugo Cosenza.

Maurizio is a talented goldsmith and watchmaker, expert on the sea, diving, fishing and long Mediterranean cruises. Great dreamer and creator of solutions often imaginative as brilliant. Great enthusiast of rubber boats with which he has ventured into a remote past and recent structural changes that have clearly improved the comfort and performance of the inflatable boats.
Ugo instead … much more practical and rational, is a well-known professional in the field of electronic technologies for navigation expressly applied to professional ships such as ships, tugboats, fishing boats and mega yachts (www.elektronmarine.com).
He married in his full the … dream in the drawer of his friend Maurizio; that is to realize a traditional wooden construction applied to tubulars, all accompanied by a driver’s cabin, a bathroom, a dining-cooking room and beds.
So why not build a rubber boat designed and livable by those who surf, by those who dive and those who do sport fishing?
Tradition and technology. Epoxy resins were only used to waterproof the numerically controlled wood, laid by hand and processed point by point. The craftsmanship of the craftsman is tangible in the deckhouse (100% wood), in the built-in furniture and in the large fully tiled bathroom with first-class tiles.

A special thanks to the ‘ing. Alessandro Chessa who has transformed, with patient stoicism into elaborate mathematical calculations, our every idea, providing in a structural way any possible changes that may be suggested from time to time by the client.


Excellent performance and maximum efficiency, even with engines not overly powerful, so as to reduce consumption.


The inflatable boats of our shipyard are unique in the world, one different from the other, but in common they have an extreme research in the field of safety, aesthetics and quality of finishing.

Custom Boats

Akes 42
Akes 42 Boat (only on order)
Akes 33
Akes 33 Boat (only on order)
Akes 28
Akes 28 Boat (only on order)

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